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Max Stalling

Max Stalling took a hard right turn into the music business it seems, he left a day job as a research scientist with Frito Lay to pursue a full-time career as a songwriter. Now, with 6 studio albums, three live projects and a full-length DVD, he has become a staple in the Texas/Red Dirt scene, has  chart-topping history in the Americana radio format, a star on the South Texas Music Walk of Fame and is a former member of the Board of Governors for the Texas Chapter of NARAS.

As a writer, Stalling creates songs that fit together to form a snapshot in time. He fuels his muse with songs that connect, songs that relate his stories.

“I love to write songs,” he says. “I’m fascinated with seeing them come to life. These songs are like my children. Songs are funny…you can literally think them into existence. A song comes from nothing, less than a blank piece of paper, and then, as if by magic, there is a song, something tangible and also intangible.”


Max and his wife Heather Stalling, also an award-winning violinist and fiddle player, perform as a singer-songwriter duo . Max handles rhythm guitar and lead vocals and Heather provides fiddle and harmony vocals. Their collaboration has been a long time in the making and they are excited to bring their show to new audiences.

Their duo shows include the occasional song they have written together as well as a handful of cover songs, the bulk of the show is songs that Max has written in his 20+ year career as a performing singer-songwriter. First-time listeners can expect a fun and witty show balanced between solid original songs, amazing fiddle playing and fun banter. 

Heather has played for various touring acts such as Johnny Lee, Cory Morrow, Bob Schneider, Ed Burleson, Mark David Manders and The Old 97s. In 2005 she put together her own project, blactopGYPSY, released two full length studio albums and toured relentlessly. Recently, Heather has also been playing in Max’s band .

In addition to solo and duo shows, Max travels with a five-piece band and does 150+ shows annually.

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