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Michelle Malone

A mainstay of American roots music for more than three decades, Michelle Malone has built an award-winning career as a songwriter, road warrior, and modern-day guitar hero. Her music is ingrained in the sounds of the American South, mixing the rebellious stomp of roadhouse Rock 'n Roll with the raw grit of Blues, the holy-rolling rasp of gospel, the slow-motion swagger of country-soul, and the organic warmth of folk music. Proudly based in Atlanta, Georgia, she's always worn her influences on her sleeve — but her music is unmistakably her own.

With her most recent release 1977, Michelle returns to her roots as a singer/songwriter.  Informed by artists like Neil Young, Linda Ronstadt, Jackson Browne, and Fleetwood Mac — all of whom were mainstays on the FM radio during the late 1970s, back when Michelle first picked up her guitar and began to play along. 1977 tones down the amplified bombast of her previous albums, focusing instead on a reflective mix of acoustic guitar, timeless melodies, and unforced arrangements. It's a reminder that Michelle Malone's songs always pack a punch, regardless of the decibel level. 


A new album is on the way for 2022 along with tour dates worldwide to follow!



"The kind of singer and songwriter who can jolt things into overdrive"  - NEW YORK TIMES

“Michelle Malone has one of the most remarkable voices I’ve ever heard, uniquely able to blow the roof off the place and then whisper a soft song that will break your damn heart. ” — PASTE MAGAZINE

“Equal parts guitar slinger and sweet songstress, with masterful lyrical introspection – sublime to raucous.” — GUITAR MAGAZINE

“Slings & Arrows is such a smokin’ disc, with such sharp, incisive playing and gorgeous production” — AMERICAN SONGWRITER MAGAZINE