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The Kernal
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The Kernal

2020 initiated a series of disappearances – beloved haunts, live shows, and our favorite bars. Among the lost things are, of course, deeper elements vanishing, some of which are barely remembered and others that are more sinister. 

Choirs went missing and, more to the point, became dangerous. These days, most people wouldn’t darken the door of a church to see one anyway.

And so The Kernal has traded his red suit for a choir robe to announce his bracing new single “U Do U.” The color? Probably not wine. Dried blood? It makes sense. Without an ensemble in the loft, Kern has been known to conduct a seance or two.

Recalling his red-suit-clad previous incarnation “as another Gibson-flashing upstart, tinged in some vintage style,” The Kernal chronicles his misadventures on the road trying to be seen and heard. What has been lost along the way? That’s for you to know and him to find out.

Maybe this is his way of coaxing a little solidarity out of us while we’re on this planet, since it’s narcissists from the Oval Office all the way down. Whatever the case, the question stands . . . “How long since you loved somebody, a little more than you do you?”

“The song's about the kind of man we see a lot nowadays,” says The Kernal. “Full of himself and no one else--until he winds up on the wrong side of an HVAC man in a bar in Indiana and gets cracked across the jaw with an igloo cooler.”

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