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Thomas Csorba


Born and bred in Texas, Thomas Csorba is a young Americana artist ready to prove himself. Writing and performing since his early teens, Csorba already has some impressive notches on his belt; recently opening for acclaimed acts like Yola, Jamestown Revival, Amanda Shires and John Moreland, as well as performing at ACL Festival, SXSW and the beloved Luck Reunion.  


However, with the upcoming release of  the self-titled Thomas Csorba, he is ready to bring his voice and songwriting prowess to a larger audience. The eponymous release is a collection of westerns with a touch of the dust bowl blues; the album moves effortlessly between big country Texas tales and tender bedroom intimacy. Thomas spins expansive stories with a cast of aimless travelers, stubbled loners, and yellowing family portraits. 


Those who discover Thomas Csorba today will find a voice imbued with wisdom beyond the singer’s years, a searching spirit and sense of purpose that suggest his youth.

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