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Gretchen Peters

For two decades, Gretchen Peters has been one of Nashville's most beloved and respected artists.


In October 2014 she was inducted into the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame by singer-songwriter Rodney Crowell who called her "both a songwriter and a poet who sings as beautifully as she writes.” And of her song The Matador, he confided "it moved me so greatly, I cried from the soles of my feet.”


In 2020, she released The Night You Wrote That Song: The Songs of Mickey Newbury, an album that asks for your undivided attention. Song connoisseurs won’t need any such instruction, because they know that the name Gretchen Peters is a guarantee of listening excellence. Over the course of a dozen albums, her luminous voice and brilliant songwriting have earned her a devoted following.

Along the way, she has given us enduring gems – “The Chill of an Early Fall,” “Independence Day,” “The Secret of Life” and the like but with this new collection, Peters pauses the series of albums that have made her a “songwriter’s songwriter.” 

Instead, she is introducing herself as an interpreter of someone else’s work. In this case, it is the stunning output of her fellow Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame member, the late Mickey Newbury (1940-2002). “Of all the songwriters of his era, he was the one I really listened to,“ says Peters. “He was a definite hero of mine. And I didn’t feel he was given his due as much as some of the others."

Longtime fans are aware of the rich, clear power in the singing of Gretchen Peters. The Night You Wrote That Song vividly showcases this as she explores the eloquence in Newbury’s melodies and lyrics.

Peters hit her stride as a solo album maker with the critically acclaimed Circus Girl (2009), Hello Cruel World (2012), Blackbirds (2015) and the politically charged Dancing with the Beast (2018). Throughout her career, she has performed benefit shows for feminist, social-justice and progressive causes. She continues to tour as a solo artist internationally.

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