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Kathy Mattea & Suzy Bogguss

Longtime friends Kathy Mattea and Suzy Bogguss have individually carved out careers in popular music with a multitude of hits spanning over two decades. 


Suzy’s “Outbound Plane”, “Aces”, and “Someday Soon” are among the many songs beloved by music fans around the world, as are “Where’ve You Been?”, “455 Rocket”, and “Eighteen Wheels and a Dozen Roses” from Kathy’s deep well of material.  


Friends since their early days in Nashville, they had only found a few opportunities to collaborate musically along the way, most notably with “Teach Your Children”, their Grammy-nominated track from 1994’s Red, Hot + Country compilation. 


They have “threatened” for years, and the fans have clamored for this pairing. Now, the wait is over. This show features an intimate evening of  new material and a repertoire of more stories, hits and fun than they can fit into one show.  Every night is sure to be as unique as this pairing.


Kathy & Suzy are…..“Together At Last”

Kathy Mattea & Suzy Bogguss_ Together At Last [Official Trailer]

Kathy Mattea & Suzy Bogguss_ Together At Last [Official Trailer]

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Booked in collaboration with IMN World.

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